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Why Me!

A highly successful Functional and Naturopoathic Nutritionist, Nutrition and Holistic Health Consultant, Worksite Wellness Coach, Educator and Program Leader, with an unshakable belief in the power of education and personal empowerment. 


Consistently successful in improving client health, raising client responsibility for health, and conducting innovative education programs.

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Professional Achievements

  • Private Practice:  Functional & Integrative Nutritionist

    • Full-service functional nutrition practice serving individuals, families, groups and corporations providing nutritional, medical, lifestyle and ​psychosocial assessment and education for any condition aimed at determining and treating the root cause.

  • Visions Health Care:  Functional & Integrative Nutritionist

    • Provided functional nutrition assessment, education and implementation of the nutritional plan of care for functional medical practice clientele.​

    • Co-led group medical visits in conjunction with functional medicine physicians and facilitated the educational component. 

  • Brigham and Women's Hospital:  Senior Nutritionist, Cardiac Rehabilitation

    • Provided comprehensive nutrition assessment, education and implementation of the nutritional plan of care for ambulatory cardiac rehabilitation patients​.

    • Conducted group educational and stress reduction sessions to program participants and their families focusing on the nutritional management of cardiac disease.

  • Acushnet Company:  Nutrition & Holistic Health Consultant, Worksite Wellness Coach/Nutritionist

    • Completed individualized comprehensive nutritional assessment, counseling, education and behavior modification as part of a comprehensive workplace wellness program

    • Conducted small- and large-group nutrition workshops and seminars on varied nutrition, wellness and holistic health topics

  • Central Arizona College:  Professor of Nutrition & Wellness, Faculty Preceptor​

    • Co-wrote and managed the editing and/or production of course curricula with teaching emphasis in the areas of nutrition, sports nutrition, nutrition for nursing, sports management, wellness education and diabetes prevention programs.

    • Supervised teaching of health promotion and disease prevention in a Wellness Lab; co-created and implemented learning communities for nutrition and wellness

    • Co-chaired on Academic Review and Curriculum Committees, served on Academic Search Committees, Learning Outcomes and Instructional Technology Committees, the Cultural Proficiency Task Force and was elected to Faculty Senate.

  • Integrated Health Services:  Manager of Food & Nutrition Services Dept, Clinical Dietitian​

    • Directed food and nutrition services for 200-bed facility housing Respiratory Care, Neurobehavioral, Dialysis, Long-Term Care and Rehab Units for acutely ill patients, reversing downward spiraling department; supervised a diverse staff and achieved 100% retention with no absenteeism.

    • Assessed, planned, implemented and evaluated nutritional care for 200 patients in sub-acute and long-term care settings.

    • Developed oral supplement, fine dining, snack and Chinese menu programs and nutritional intervention policies that improved eating quality and resident satisfaction.

  • Melrose-Wakefield Hospital:  Clinical Registered Dietitian​

    • Assessd, planned, implemented and evaluated nutritional care in both inpatient and outpatient settings for a community hospital.

    • Lectured at community-based seminars and nutrition classes as part of hospital public relations and marketing program to raise public awareness, build the hospital's image and increase community participation.



Do you accept insurance?


Will insurance cover this?

Yes, if your plan includes a nutrition benefit.

Will Medicare cover this?

Yes, if you have diabetes or kidney disease.


If I don't have insurance coverage, is there a Fee for Service rate?

Yes. Please go to the                     page for the Fee Schedule and information on discounted bundles. 


Can I consult with you if I live out of state?

Yes, virtual sessions are an option.

Are Reviews on you available?

Yes. Please go to the                     page for Review videos, References and Testimonials from online feedback reviews.

How long  have you been practicing?

Twenty-five years as of 2020. Please go to the                    page.


What makes you different than other nutritionists?

I am a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist with the Commission on Dietetic Registration. I am a Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Clinical Dietetics from Syracuse University and a Master of Science Degree in Human Nutrition from the University of New Haven. I also hold a Doctorate in Naturopathy from Clayton College of Natural Health and have additional training in Functional Medicine and Nutrition through the Institute of Functional Medicine. Please go to the                     page for more details.

Are you a qualified clinician?

Yes. Please go to the                     page for more details.  My licenses are up to date. Anyone who acquired certification or coaching online will not be able to show the licensing and collegiate faculty experience as I have on the Why Me page.

What are the differences between certification and licensure?

The differences between these terms in the industry are explained here. They are not interchangeable terms. They each have a unique meaning and implication.

Certification is granted by a private entity like a professional organization or school, usually after an educational and/or testing process has been completed. Certification is not legally required.  It is meant to show prospective customers / the public that a certain level of education or qualification has been met. Continuing professional development is voluntary.

Licensure is issued by a public entity like a state or federal government. Licensing exists primarily for the well-being of consumers and public safety. Licensure is legally required. It provides eligibility to practice and establishes competency in a given field. Continuing professional development is mandatory.

How do I absolve risk in selecting a clinician?  

Look for state or federal licensure, a history of treating many clients with your symptoms and getting results.


What do you treat?

Anything and everything. Please go to the                     page for more information.


What disorders do you treat so I know whether or not it's appropriate for me to contact you?

Please go to the                     page for more information.


I am looking for like-minded practitioners. Are you well networked with other providers, labs and services?

Yes, of course.  I have a strong network in my regional area and across the country.For more information, please go to the                      page for more information.



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